Wargames Sculptor

Have you ever seen a piece of art and wished there was a model of it? Maybe you’re just tired of waiting for that special character to be released. Whether you are looking for an individual display model or an eye-catching centre-piece for your army, here at Wargames Sculptor we can make that model a reality!

Wargames Sculptor offers private sculpts and conversions as well as creating reproducible masters for casting.

Check out our Sculpture Gallery for previously made scratch built models and conversions. We will make anything from a completely new model to just adding those small details to your desired model.

Our conversions start from £20 and our complete sculpts start from £60.

If you would like to discuss a commission, conversion or sculpt, please feel free to just gives us a call, or alternatively email us via the Contact Us page & advise us of your preferred method of contact.