Painting & Product Care

In this section you will find all the necessary information about the painting, maintenance and storage of WTW’s Modular Terrain Gaming Boards and Resin scatter scenery. You can also see our suggested paint textures for pre-painted gaming boards. This selection will continue to be updated, and is not an exhaustive list of your options, merely some ideas for colour schemes that we have used already. Feel free to contact us regarding your own ideas for paint schemes, or if you have any questions about the painting, ordering or delivery processes.

Modular Terrain Gaming Boards:

The boards are made of hard wearing fibreglass allowing them to be both lightweight and very durable. If ordered unpainted, they are supplied in a base colour of black ready to paint straight onto with no need for undercoat or primer. The boards are hand-finished to ensure consistently high quality throughout the range.

The material used to create these boards does not react to solvents, allowing you to base colour them with solvent-based sprays without causing damage or degradation of the detailing. Most of our pre-painted boards are painted by hand with acrylic water-based paints, but DIY store matt emulsions will work just as well (and this tends to be cheaper for base-colours if you’re painting several boards at once).

The easiest and most economical way to seal flock to the boards is good ol’ watered-down PVA glue. Simply mix about 50/50 with water and apply over flocked sections. For a really good seal, repeat this again after the first layer has dried. This will help slow down the inevitable wear and tear of your armies being scraped back and forth across your boards, dice impacts etc etc.

Storing these boards is made easy by their flexible strength and lightweight construction. Easily light enough to be lifted/stored above shoulder height (or through loft hatches, for example), and tough enough to withstand repeated knocks and bumps that often accompany the moving of scenery in confined spaces. The one thing to be aware of is that if these boards are left leaning at an angle for more than a few days (or jammed somewhere in a cupboard, similarly bent out of shape) they will bend to a moderate degree. This is not a problem, as just placing them on a flat surface for a while will straighten them out again.

Resin Scatter Scenery

The hi-fidelity PU resin we use for casting all of our scatter scenery is also non-reactive, and can be solvent spray-undercoated / basecoated. If supplied unpainted, this resin is supplied in a light grey colour (UV fixed). The resin is hand finished to remove any flash/sharp edges, and should arrive with you ready to undercoat and paint.

When sealing flocks to any of the scatter scenery, the PVA glue and water method described above works just as well on the PU resin pieces. When sticking together the multi-part resins we recommend superglue, as most polystyrene cements will not work on these products. Whilst not necessary for construction, the resin is the right density to be drilled into with ease, and is therefore very ease to pin, should you wish to do so.

Though durable, the PU resin is not immune to impact damage in the same way the fibreglass is. Whilst it is relatively sturdy, it can be smashed or cracked by impacts, so we advise you store it in a safe manner and use padding if packing multiple pieces for transit.