Individual customer reviews :-

“I was looking for inspiration for some new terrain for my Warhammer 40k battles and came across these crystal terrain pieces. I instantly liked the Geometry of the crystals and thought how they would go quite well with my Necrons.

What really sold it for me was the option of having them painted for me, I don’t get much time to paint my own miniatures let alone build and paint terrain. I thought the price was reasonable and the service was excellent. Very quick to respond to my emails regarding how i wanted the terrain painted and any queries i had. Also very quick dispatch time (Goods received inside a week from when the order was placed) This is very good for custom pieces. I would definitely use you again, thanks guys”.

-Matthew, Surrey

“I emailed Wargames Terrain Workshop after seeing a few of his pieces, and Dave was super fast to reply. His communication, experience, and style made it a quick process and I got EXACTLY what I wanted. The work was so good, I ordered 5 more sculpts! I will be using this service again and again. If your looking for quality, value, and precision, Dave and all the folks at Wargames Terrain Workshop are the best out there”!

–Sean B – Customer since 2012

“I have had two sculpted conversions from wargamesterrainworkshop so far, both of which exceeded my expectations! In both cases I gave only a quite vague description of what I wanted, allowing the sculptor some latitude with the final design. The results were outstanding, and I now own two completely unique character models which fit perfectly with the themes of the armies they are taken from; whilst standing out from the pack a little due to their superb extra detailing. Check out the Adepta Sororitas Heroine and Dark Angels Chaplain in the gallery, and see for yourself!”

-A Lewis, Malvern.

“Wow just wow! That is the first thing you think and say when you see one of Wargames Terrain Workshop sculpts. Every one I have has blown all my expectations out of the water. Then you look at the detail and no word of a lie, I notice something new every time I pick it up to have a look. There seems to be no boundaries of what Wargames Terrain Workshop can seem to do and to be honest even the simplest looking sculpts look a million times better than what any one else is producing, then there are the custom scratch builds, which are unparalleled I will admit that I am a friend, but this has not tainted my view of the sculpting, if anything, it has just made me more critical of the work, sometimes when I give Wargames Terrain Workshop a job the hardest bit is telling him no more spiky bits lol. I have not seen one sculpt/conversion that Wargames Terrain Workshop has done that I have not liked or hasn’t amazed me. I can assure you that it is worth every penny you pay and every moment you need to wait till it arrives”.

-Ryan, Gloucester

The Why: “Have you seen the tomb spyder model, it’s horrible. Yes it looks solid, like a tank, but mobile? No it looks slow and nothing like its artwork.”

The Brief: “Make the Necron Tomb Spyder look scary, all the conversions I’ve seen so far look horrible, I need a model that looks good and with the minimum of skill I can copy.”

The End Result: “Now this is what Games Workshops model should have looked like! You can imagine these creations silently drifting around the battlefield picking up men and effortlessly pulling them limb from limb, while all the time dropping little scarab swarms off to mop up after them. The construction, though time consuming is simple and flexible, even for someone of my meagre talents. It is now possible to give the illusion of movement to the whole model. With Tomb Spyders cruising at different heights, banking and diving, with arms and legs reaching ready to snatch up their next victim and with the ability to show scarab production on the go.

Edit for the new codex. Tomb Spyders and scrabs are going to be scary as a counter assault unit. Imagine a small scarab swarm 10 strong. Turn 1 add 9 more scarabs to the swarm from the Tomb Spyders. Turn 2 repeat. Turn, some point in the future, Charge! Goodbye pretty much anything vehicle wise. Now how many more Tomb Spyders do I need to make”

-Simon, Gloucester

“Suppassed all expectations, models so lovingly detailed they bring the game to life. Not only did I get what I asked for but I got a gang that is a work of art. Seriously, pay this guy to make more models. Do it. Now. He took the artwork I gave him and made them manifest. Outstanding.”

-T Bedwell, Worcester

“I can highly recommend this model and the worm crawling along the sand. This one is about five inches long (about four inches in height because of the incline) Resin cleanly cast with no imperfections from bubbles. The lower mandible and short legs are separate metal parts. It really has a menacing look to it. The photo doesn’t show all of the excellent detailing. A real monster.

Just received delivery of this model as well as the worm bursting from the sand. It’s excellent. Made from resin but with absolutely no bubble blemishes. Just over nine inches long so much bigger than the picture makes it look. Nice insect body like detail under the scaly segments that the photo doesn’t do justice too either. Can’t wait to start painting”.

-Ralph Astley on Sand Worms (Burster) & (Crawler) reviewed at MJfigures.

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