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Figure Painters

Figure Companies  – producers of wild west orcs – skirmish game with range of 28 mm modern military figures – range of figures for skirmish gaming, role play, dungeon quests etc. – producers of Superhero Dinosaur Zombie Apocalypse game and miniatures producers of the game Superhero Dinosaur Zombie Apocalypse and miniatures!/c/0/inview=category15325060&offset=0&sort=priceDesc producers of the game Superhero Dinosaur Zombie Apocalypse and miniatures – Board game producer – All periods and scales from ancients to futuristic, stocking most major brands – Excellent selection of Historical miniatures & much more! – Games, rulebooks and miniature ranges including Judge Dredd, Call to Arms and more… – Historical and sci-fi miniatures, some scenery pieces and more… – Trading cards and all manner of gaming gizmology, plus some gaming miniatures. – Decorative bases, plinths, stands, accessories and more… – 6mm Sci-fi miniatures, some scenery pieces and more… -25-28mm Fantasy miniatures, games and gaming accessories. – Home of Eagle Games & Gryphon Games, board and strategy games for all ages. of Thrones – Board game for Australian gamers. By Tabletop Empires – the specialist in Australian board games and workshops.

Events – Help for Heroes sponsorship show in London, April 2013. – Gloucestershire’s own Miniatures and strategy gaming show. – The Premier Annual Wargames show for the West Country. – South London Warlords’ massive wargames extravaganza.

Forums – New online review forum, with strategy guides, details of new events, and lots of handy info for the model maker & gamer. – Major review site for new minis, ranges, games and events.