Pallisade Gatehouse Painted


Step 1 place the two gate halves on the bottom pin and rest the locking bar in place to keep the gates straight.

Step 2 glue the crossbar in place making sure to not get any glue on the hinges if you want the gates to move.

Step 3 Glue the walkway over the crossbar.

Step 4 you can either glue the ladders on or keep separate.

Step 5 remove the locking bar before painting.

Dimensions : Length 143 mm x Width 50 mm x Height 116 mm

Supplied in 8 pieces : Base, crossbar, left gate, right gate, walkway, locking bar, and 2 x wooden ladders

When assembled the gates are moveable.

This product is supplied painted and based, please indicate your colour choices and base requirements on your order form, or email directly to [email protected]