Modular Terrain Gaming Boards

The boards are made of hard wearing fibreglass allowing them to be both light and durable. They are supplied in a black resin, ready to paint straight onto with no need for undercoating. The level of texture allows for easy dry brushing, we also offer a full painting service and can paint the boards in the colour scheme of your choice.

All boards are designed to fit together allowing the gamer to design a unique board with multiple combinations. With this in mind, the terrain features have been sculpted with the centre of each board edge as a reference point. This means that all river sections meet and line up correctly, as do the mountain corners and the lake sections. This allows you to add more board sections to your collection gradually, and extend terrain features for bigger games or specialist scenarios.
Each board is 2 foot by 2 foot (600mm x 600mm) and has no major scale-limiting features, allowing the boards to be used for most scales and gaming systems. The boards can be used free-standing; or can be fitted together using bolts, screws or making a frame for the pieces to sit in. If you would like us to build you a frame, please email or call us for an individua


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