New Releases

We have added 5 new products today all in Sci-Fi Terrain, 3 touch screen consoles, alien console and Cyborg charging station

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We have posted up several new releases today including Zombie victims and feeders in our new undead section, bar room tables and seating in sci-fi terrain, also a bed and chair in the same section, and a barman in our sci-fi figures section

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To help with the boredom of the Lockdown we are giving away a free PDF copy of our ruleset Death Match, simply email us at and we will send you a set.

We are still currently able to dispatch orders as we moved all our stock and casting before the lockdown started, please be aware though that the delivery companies have informed us that there may be some delays due to the reduced number of staff at this time.

Stay safe and have fun where possible !

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A Brief halt of production

The move of the house studio and casting facility is taking more time due to some unforeseen circumstances, so we will not be taking any new orders for the next four weeks, normal service will resume on the 3 rd of July. Sorry for any inconvenience

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March’s New Realeses


Traventi Male

Traventi Female

Traventi in Heavy Armour

Traventi Weapons

March’s New releases include a Terrorsaur, three Traventi gladiators and weapons pack for Death Match

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February’s New Releases

Sci-Fi Car/Taxi
Medical Scanner

Concrete Barricade

This month we have three new releases, the first two can be found in Future City Scenics, and the third is in Post Apocalyptic

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Last postal dates for orders to the UK is the 18/12/18 to arrive for Xmas, International is Friday 14/12/18 and Europe is also Monday 18/12/18

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December’s Releases

This months releases sees the start of two new sections, Sci-Fi Scenery, and Sci-Fi Figures. In the scenery section we have a Pit Monster, and a Desert Nomad tent, and in the figures section a Rock Henchman.

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November’s Releases

This month we complete our Zodiac Warrior series with the Tiger, Rat, Rabbit, Pig, Ox, and Dog. All 12 are now available in store.

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Normal Service Will now Resume

Back from our much needed holiday, just sorting out the orders from while we were away, ready to dispatch tomorrow normal service will now resume, thank you all for your patience and understanding.

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