September’s Releases

Aztec Portal 02Aztec Demon 01Necromancer Summoning deadRude Grey Alien

Human male GladiatorHuman Weapons


This month we have six new releases, first is an Aztec style portal, then we have an Aztec Fire Demon, followed by a Necromancer summoning the dead, followed by a rude grey alien, and two new additions for Death Match with a male human gladiator and human weapons pack

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August’s Releases

Trade Stall Slide

This month we visit trade street in our Future City Scenics range, with four street vending stalls. We have a drink’s stall, food stall, boutique, and hoverboards stall.

We are also introducing a new section Future City Citizens, with six models to start this section. These models compliment the vending stalls but could easily be used in other situations. We have a coffee zombie, two snack shack patrons, a fashion victim with impatient child and two hoverboard patrons

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July’s Releases

Dragon BellMine Entrance with DramWasteland Overlord


This month we release a dragon bell in our Oriental range, a mine shaft entrance and cart in our wild west terrain, and a wasteland overlord in our wasteland scavengers

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June’s Releases

Out HouseHitching Post & Water TroughFur Tent


This month see’s the start of a new section Wild West Scenery, with an out house and hitching post & water trough. We also have an addition to our Frozen City Scenics a fur tent which no adventurer to a frozen wasteland should be without

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May’s Release

Oriental Dragon This month we have released the Oriental Dragon we premiered at Salute 2017

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Death Match

cover with logo Death Match is now available in store with many new releases as well as all the beasts found in the same location

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March’s Releases

March SlideSurvelance Drone03Soda Machine01

This month were off to the wastelands and back to the Future City Scenics with our new crushed car and wasteland scavengers and our surveillance drone and soda machine


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PAW 2017

This weekend we are at PAW 2017 in Plymouth, any orders this weekend will be dispatched on Monday 6/02/17

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February’s Releases

Zombie BikersLamborrari04Prisoner PostsGarbage units


This month we have the start of a new range Future City Scenics, with a spots car the Lamborrari 2000, prisoner holding posts, and waste units. We have also added three zombie bikers into our biker gangs range

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Xmas Comp Winner

Congratulations to Trevor Kottelenberg using a twitter code has won the draw, thank you to all who entered

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