New statue Option

Jade StatueJade Temple Dogs


We have added a new option on our oriental statues to represent jade statues, available painted or unpainted (pictures show unpainted)

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Xmas Competition

For a chance to win January’s Releases email us at and put WTWXC in the subject to be entered into the draw which will ¬†be drawn after the closing date of midnight GMT on New Years Eve. Shown below is Magna Simia which will be part of January’s release

Magna Simia 01Magna Simia 04

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December’s Releases

Beast slide

This month we have seven new beasts available in our Alien fauna range and feature in the upcoming release of Death Match our sci-fi Gladitorial combat game

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November Releases

Cemetry Gatemausoleum 01Gas Cylinders


This month we have a Cemetery gate section, Mausoleum and Cemetery wall pack in our graveyard section. Also we have a pack of gas cylinders in our post apocalyptic section.

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Death Match Kickstarter is Live

cover with logo

Our first full game is now live on Kickstarter this is a 35 mm scale skirmish game of gladitorial combat through the stars

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October’s Releases

GargoylesCorner PillarStraight Pillar


This month we have gargoyles, cemetery walls, corner posts and straight wall posts

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September’s Releases

Chieftans HutHutChickensEarthenwareCamp FireChicken CoupElephant Tusks


This month we have a start of a new section African Terrain, including Chieftain hut, hut, earthenware, camp fire, chicken coup, elephant tusks and chickens. master models by Tdeca, chickens by wargamesculptor

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Show exclusive now available in store

Defensive Half WallFortress Half WallCombined Half Wall


Defensive, Fortress, and combined half wall sections that were previously show exclusive are now available in store now

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August’s Releases

13650384_325318101132731_1443449339_nWell of Souls 01Ruined Storage Area


This month we release our first bust, Death one of the four horsemen, we also have two new pieces in our frozen city scenics, a Well of Souls, and ruined storage area

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July’s Releases

DrifterCacti BaseRattlesnake PackVariety Base Pack


This month we have a cowboy drifter, cacti base, rattlesnake pack, and the start of a new bases range with six different packs available.

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